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Welcome to Annie's Social Circle

Grow your business with my online social media toolkit packed with information, ideas, tactics and more! Social Media success is waiting for you! Every month I will be bringing you something NEW!

What is Annie's Social Circle?

Yay, you found me! Welcome to Annie’s Social Circle. To anyone struggling with their social media and wishing they could afford to hire someone to manage it for them - Annie's Social Circle is here for you.


Whatever your level of knowledge this website is packed full of videos, articles, top tips, checklists and the opportunity to ask any social media questions you may have!

Annie’s Social Circle will help you get better at managing your own social media, with no over the top waffle or jargon, or huge marketing budgets.

I have been managing small businesses social media for nearly 10 years and have learnt that you just need some practical, useful and simple tips you can use straight away.


​Don't wait to sort out your social media, you can do it now with Annie’s Social Circle. I have a brain packed full of knowledge and have made it my mission to help as many small businesses as possible with their social media. I truly believe the best person to manage your social media is you, you just need a little bit of help from me.​


There are so many articles out there, regurgitating the same old advice.  Annie’s Social Circle makes things short concise and useful. I don’t waffle. I run through what you need to know. Short sweet and blimmin useful.​


Learn how to be effective with your posting and not just bunging things on, learn how to plan and get the results you deserve.​If you join Annie’s social circle you will be able to manage your own social media.

Watch my introduction video

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Why Join Annie's Social Circle?

Access to all my webinars

Each webinar is a video and has notes in case you would rather read than watch, or watch than read.

Access to All my
Top Tips

Every Tuesday in my private Facebook Group (link) I share a #toptip. To read all my top tips go to this section.

Access to all my Articles & Checklists

I love a checklist, a short list on a particular topic and I have lots of them!  I also read a lot, and I mean a lot of articles on social media, and when I find that one golden nugget, I will share it immediately with all my lovely members.

Access to Annie

Annie’s Social Circle members can ask me any social media questions when ever you need help – what would you ask me?

Access to Seasonal Webinars

Sometimes during the year you might need some extra content inspiration. I am here to help with webinars on Valentine’s Day, Christmas and more! I will also be bringing you caption ideas and hashtags.

FREE '2024 Top Tips' guide

If you join with a yearly subscription you will also receive the 'Annie's Top Tips for Social Media in 2024' guide.

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Join Annie's Social Circle

Social Media success is waiting for you!

Your Choice, Your Way

Just interested in one piece of advice. Pay for what you want!

Need help with one particular social media issue? Then you can buy access to any individual item you want. Simply pay as you go.  See the full list of PAYG items.

Subscribe for Full Access

Access all areas – improve your social media today!

If you want access to everything, everything that can help you manage your own social media in an easy and concise manner, then a yearly subscription is the best option for you. For just £99 for an entire year, you get access to EVERYTHING! All my webinars, all my content ideas, all my checklists, top tips, articles, alerts and importantly a monthly Q&A where you can ask me anything! I know my tips can help your small businesses!

Join our Community

Annie’s Social Circle is not just about me talking at you. You can be part of an engaged community of small businesses all talking about social media. Make sure you join Annie’s Social Circle group on Facebook.


Power Hours

Looking to take control of your social media presence?

Schedule a 'Power Hour' with me! This one-time online session lasts about an hour and is tailored to your needs.


We'll delve into your current social media platforms, assess your strategies, and discuss tips and advice for moving forward. It's your chance to pick my brain, ask those burning questions about social media, and get inspired.


Book your Power Hour today and let's unleash some creativity!

Karen – Rock Paper Scissors

I can highly recommend Annie's Social Circle , her help and advice is amazing. I joined this group because I'm a technology dinosaur, so struggle with the mysteries of social media. I had just 22 followers and very few sales, in a short space of time I now have over 800 followers and regular orders and this is due to follow Annie's advice 

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